Video: A transformation in pictures

Meryl Meisler taught art at a public middle school in Bushwick from 1981 to 1994. During that time, she took hundreds of photographs of the neighborhood. Starting May 31st, an exhibit at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn will feature many of those photos, along with more Meisler has taken since 2007, giving us a vivid look at Bushwick’s past and present.

Photo gallery: Chickens of Bushwick

Chickens are ubiquitous in Bushwick, from its bodegas to its bistros. It’s a neighborhood where a live poultry store is not far from a Michelin-rated restaurant. This clucking resident has endured the neighborhood’s transition to a haven for foodies.

From the rotisserie birds at the local shops to the eggs distributed free on Sundays at Bushwick City Farm, the chicken appeals to residents old and new. A tour of Bushwick chickens demonstrates that this fowl won’t be migrating down the L anytime soon.